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edit game crash - Eivissa - 10-06-2022

how to edit game crash So, I download the game, start it up, change my graphic settings, and when I go to change my controls the game crashes. When I try changing keyboard and mouse or joystick controls it closes. I try sending a crash dump file but it says it can't be found. Validating my files shows no issues, I'm doing a fresh install right now to see if that helps, maybe reboot my computer, but I doubt that'll help if I get the issue again. Anyone else had this issue? 

RE: edit game crash - Karin - 10-06-2022

The game is designed to be played on an android or ios device, not a computer. That probably explains it.

RE: edit game crash - Burgi - 12-06-2022

Is a pc version in work?

RE: edit game crash - Karin - 12-06-2022

I don't think so.