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Full Version: Prizes for the 4 day Guild Assault!
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Hi Hinorbound!

Please meet:


Darkrealm Overseer, abilities: Necrotic Cut, Spirit Blade, Mana Infusion

No picture yet because there is an issue with the abilities. One went wrong, so now the first two look wrong and you can't train them. Waiting to get it fixed but it didn't happen in time for the event. I'll update when I can. But this is what is should be:

Maulgrasp Deckhand, abilities: Ice Comet, Haste, Invocation of Spirit


Gregory the Brave, abilities: Minor Heal, Mass Regen, Haste 4


Darkrealm Cut-Throat, abilities: Flurry, Minor Poison, Haste

There are mysterious prize boxes for top 6 (4/2/1).

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