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Full Version: Oracle of Destruction Pack!
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Oracle of Destruction, NEW mythic
The Terror of Valorhall, mythic
Edmund the Swashbuckler, mythic

Saurian Shaman, NEW legendary
The Mad Gaoler, legendary
Grindor the Berserker, legendary
Prokz the Dashing, legendary
Baldur the Stout, legendary

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Oracle of Destruction, abilities: Entropic Arrow, Deadly Poison, Burning Chant


Saurian Shaman, abilities: Minor Heal, Mass Regen, Mana Burst 5
Would it be possible to post images for every mythic/legendary in these packs going forward? It would really help determine if you want the packs, and seeing all the options could encourage more buyers.
The new ones are posted. It's worth doing a search on the forum for any of the others. Though we lost information when the forum was moved, it does go about 1.5 years back.