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Full Version: Builds on Arena and Raid squads
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These are some good abilities to chose for Arena squad and Raid squad (my opinion ) Big Grin
- Arena (Equal between defense, offense and win 500 honor battle)
  + Level 100 squad (beginners)
    1. 3 Burning chant - Heal
    2. 2 Burning chant - Entropic Arrow - Heal
    3. 2 Burning chant - DOTs - Heal
    4. 2 Burning chant - Noxious cloud - Heal (not recommend, 15 manas for that skill)
    5. 1 Burning chant - DOT - Heal - your choice
  + Level 130 above squad (Beat opponents as fast as possible)
    1. 4 Burning chant (Same affinity with Invocation or Rainbow)
    2. 3 Burning chant - Entropic Arrow/Noxious Cloud
    3. 2 Burning chant - Entropic Arrow - Noxious Cloud
    4. Inferno - Noxious Cloud - Entropic Arrow - Infernal slash (non-Burning chant team but require a ton of mana :3)
    5. When you advanced in game, you can build your own squad. But keep in mind it should be able to beat your opponents in 3rd round Smile

*Beside listed abilities above, it's good to have passive abilities to support: Affinity Invocation, Haste, Mana Burst, Channel Mana, Mana Infusion, Wards) 

- Raid: To able to survive longer in Raid, it also depends on your commander (the build apply to both types of commanders).
  + For Mid range (Power:150-200) mythic commanders lv100-130, your commander might be able to survive 1 double hit from the Dragon
  + Top Arena commanders (Power 250+) such as Paracelus, Maelgorl, The Avenger, will survive longer and deal highest damage to the dragon. Below are recommended squads:
    1. Primal blow/Brilliant blow - Deadly Posion - Nerotic Cut - A Ward or Heal
    2. Primal blow/Brilliant blow - Nerotic Cut/Deadly Posion - A Ward - Heal

- Heal: Best to choose in order: Primal Infusion, Mass Regen, Mass Heal 
- DOTs (Damage Over Time): Primal blow = Brilliant blow, Nerotic Cut, Infernal Slash, Flowing Cut, Deadly Posion (each ability has its pros and cons)