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Full Version: Web shop, 10% off
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There is a Paypal web shop at: https://store.honorboundgame.com

Buying through that gives you a 10% discount. 

What you need:
  • A Paypal account

  • The exact user name to receive the pack. I recommend going to Settings / Contact Us and copying the account name shown in the draft mail.
Why is this of interest?
  • You get a discount.

  • If you live outside of the US and play on ios you save the high exchange rate.

  • If you want to gift a pack to another player, you can do so.

  • You get the full choice of packs that are active in the game. So if you know there is a $20 pack up that you want and your account only gets offered the $100 one, you can go to the web shop instead.