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Full Version: Contact Support if you want any of the following commanders removed
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Hi HonorBound!

As we all know, you can't remove a commander from your account. But Support can help with removing the commanders listed below (the ones that cannot be summoned).

You must write to support@honorboundgame.com from the email that is registered as login for the account.
- include your account name and the exact names (copied from the list below) of the commanders you want removed.
- Support will ask for your confirmation before the commanders are removed. Once you have confirmed, the commanders will be gone for good.

Commanders that can be removed are the following:

Maerlgorl the Vicious
Paracelsus the Equestrian
Fero Fireblade
Vicious Gladiator
Arena Challenger
Asric the Crusader-King
Lord of the Pirates
The Enraged Baronet
Kalsor the Ultimate
Gyre the Undefeated
The Greenmist Ghost
Admiral Kundek (prize, season 5.5)
The Lost King

The King Returned
Aya Fist-of-Endings
Deadrei Cointaker
The Maker
The Reclaimer
Admiral Kundek

The Baronet
Kalsor the Avatar
The Unchained
Brunol the Returned
Mizz Blackheart
Kyo Fang-Of-Vengeance