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Full Version: Raenius the Contender Pack!
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Raenius the Contender, NEW mythic
Vanyume the Kharaz, mythic
Lord Alabaster, mythic

Therodan the Indestructible, NEW legendary
The Seer, legendary
The Undertaker, legendary
Greenmist Hulk, legendary
Grimshadow Shinobi, legendary

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Raenius the Contender, abilities: Deadly Poison, Necrotic Cut, Mana Infusion


Therodan the Indestructible, abilities: Darkness Unending, Siphon Life, Mana Burst
Should have kept the original abilities and the name "Baneful" definitely sounded much cooler....
Wow.... Thought Heroes from the HeroForge challenge would never be re-skinned? The shame :-(