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How do guild prizes go between the guild members from the best to the worse?Is it top 5,10 and all the rest?
#31- the rest
Karin, what's the outcome if I Evolve a 2* mythic with a mythic perfect slime? Is it the same as evolving it with another 2* of the same? Will it become a 3* with the Max Power?
As long as you use a Perfect Slime, both just need to be at level 1 and it will be the same as if you used two heroes/slimes at lvl 100 for the final evolve. So it saves you the resources of taking the last two to level 100.
Ok. But my Mythic hero is a two star (? ?) and the Mythic perfect slime is a one star (?). So will it still be the same as the Mythic hero x2 at level 100 each??
If the highest your mythic can go to is 2*, you can't evolve further. If your mythic hero can go to 3*, this is how it works:

2* mythic + same 2* mythic = 3* mythic
2* mythic + 1* matching mythic slime = 3* mythic
Ok, that second example you gave. If the slime is a Mythic perfect slime, will the Mythic 2 star go to a 3 star with the max power?
Yes, that is the second part:

For Perfect Evolve:

2* mythic lvl 100 + matching mythic slime lvl 100
2' mythic lvl 1 + Perfect mythic slime lvl 1
2* mythic lvl 1 + Perfect mythic slime lvl 1
This will give the 2* mythic a perfect evolution? It will become a 3* with max power?