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Full Version: Schedule for April
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Hi Honorbound!

This is what is lined up for April:

Thursday 1st: 4 day Guild Assault

Monday 5th - Thursday 15th: Phasmer takes over the Elite Runes!

Friday 9th: 4 day Solo Portal (Resource event, extra Elite Runes in the threshold)
Thursday 15th 4 day Guild Bounty (last event in this round of HB Champ)
Friday 23th: 4 day Solo Bounty (Resource event)
Friday 30th 4 day Guild Portal 

Server maintenance is scheduled to the 20th where the game will be down for a number of hours.

Keep in mind that Arena Season finishes on May 24th, followed by a 4 week season 6.5 starting on June 1st after honor has been reset.
For Arena Season by honor reset do you mean that if we didn't already collect all prizes for instance I'm about to earn the enchanted token of the sun. If I don't reach 340Mill by May 24th I won't collect remaining Arena prizes? Honestly really gunning for 240 prize Lunadriel haha.
You can read more about the arena season here: https://forum.honorboundgame.com/thread-4313.html
Any prizes you have won by the time of reset will be in your account. Any prizes you didn't reach will no longer be available, like with event thresholds.