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Full Version: Prizes for the 4 day Solo Bounty!
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Hi Honorbound,

Please welcome:


Hylocke the Rogue, abilities: Infernal Slash, Burning Chant, Haste 5


Possessed Decoy, abilities: Minor Heal, Inferno, Mana Burst 5


Sug-Yugol Fodder, abilities: Deep Slash, Spirit Blade, Haste


Habibi of the Crescent, abilities: Mass Regen, Steal Spirit, Channel Mana

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Is the second ability on the first hero burning chant or hellfire strike? The image shows hellfire strike but your post says the ability is burning chant.

Praying for burning chant...

Yes, it looks like Hellfyre Strike. That is a mistake. It is supposed to be Burning Chant. It will be fixed and will be updated automatically on the hero.
Awesome! That’s a great hero then.
Hellfire strike wasn’t changed to burning chant.
That is correct. It will happen within a week or two and be updated automatically.
Any update on our poor Hylocke's Burning Chant?
I am afraid he got lost in translation so he is in for the next round. Hopefully not too much longer.
Hylocke is updated!