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    Hey, sorry for posting so many comments and questions over the past few weeks, but I really wanted to know if... Sometime in the future the game developers could add a feature where players would be able to type in other player’s names to interact: like check out other’s character squads, or spar or compare etc.
    I know there’s the “friend code” thing which is ok, and also we’re able to look at other players through the arena rankings board, but sometimes when looking for a particular person we’re not able to because he/she may not be in a guild or in the same ranking bracket to click on. If this feature was added; it would be helpful for both players and wiki contributors for this game to find game “characters” that a specific person has held on to, that’s “not found in the forums or the wiki”.
    For instance, I’ve been asking around for the “similar but slightly different character” to Marietta the Buccaneer on the forums, and searched the wiki and google, and no-one was able to help, but I eventually/finally came across someone in the arena who had a lesser evolve of who I was looking for- but the player was not in a guild so I could not search them through guild names, and the player isn’t around my arena rankings... so it would be impossible to see the player’s squad and the “character” that I was looking for’s “name, stats and abilities.”
    Even though I’m only asking for myself for now, I would ask to please consider since it would be benificial for other players and also wiki contributors if it was possible for them to add as a simple feature in game.
    thanks for taking the time to read my suggestion! have a great rest of your new year!

    the other bucanneer is very colorful when fully evolved
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    It's called Line Chat App


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      If that guy is using Garth, the hero you are looking for must be a really old outofdate legendary.
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        You are probably looking at the original version. The new heroes are still all using the art from the older ones but often only two of the arts. You may see the more colorful version on another 'new' hero at some point.


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          Um Lana... I’ve already asked in our group chat multiple times... And yeah Revi, most of the cool looking characters are out of date nowadays, and no Karin, Captain Blackmast is the original model and she’s just an epic... but ok, I see... I’ll stop asking questions on this forum since I see they’re all just guesses. Anyways you guys have a good rest of the new year 2018!!! Woot


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