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HCOD: The Toothless Dragon

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  • HCOD: The Toothless Dragon

    Hero concept of the day: "The Toothless Dragon". Art Description: a golden vicious fat dragon with wide wings. Class: Warrior. Affinity: Spirit. Skills: Fiery Cleave, Murderous Reputation, Crusader's Chant. Bio: The Toothless Dragon is the most notorious dragon in the land. It is said that he was born with 10,000 teeth but lost them in battles with daring knights. One tooth for each battle. One tooth for a lifeless bold knight rotting at the beast's formidable claws. He has grown fat over the years for devouring his 10,000 victims voraciously. The prophecy however tells that The Toothless Dragon will fall when he has lost all his teeth at the hands of the most iconic in the realm. The beast is anxious to test this prophecy and awaits his new adversary with a rumbling hungry stomach. From a nearby kingdom, Aurum approaches....

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    How Creative bro ! I appreciate all the characters you invent...are you good in drawings to try to make a better idea? ^^
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      I am very good at drawing but i just dont have time to sit and draw the characters that come to my mind.