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HCOD: The Obsessed Child

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  • HCOD: The Obsessed Child

    The Obsessed Child. Description: A dark troubled child with black hair and dark miry features, shredded clothes, blue eyes that gleam with maleficence, and a pair of formidable shears in each hand. He is the former Calus Clawshear. Bio: the tale of the mythic Calus goes back in time to a troubled child whose obsession with shears lead to the slaying and flaying of his entire town. After there was no more blood to spill the evil child fled into the woods where he received his curse from a hermit wizard who once lived in his town. The wizard fused the child's shears to his arms. As Calus grew he realized that his curse is more of a blessing. Bloodshed followed in his wake everywhere he roamed. Affinity: Primal. Class: Rogue. Max Power: 415. Skills: Steal Spirit, Primal Blow, Mana infusion.