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    As we all know, Hero Forge has not been done in quite some time. I would like to see one soon, perhaps after the Raid Event or after the new year. The hero forge event let people truely contribute to the heroes abd abillities that coyld be recieved.


    -Revamped 3* Mythic Hero Forge where everyone participating creates a 3* mythic of their liking.

    -Raid Hero Mythic Hero Forge where everyone participating creats a Mythic hero that will recieve the 2x buff in raids. (Co-ordinates with the releasing of lunar raid).

    -Rather than just the runners up, the top 20 picks should recieve diamonds. (Rewards would scale as of the ones for arena top 20 - Top 5 recieve their custom hero and enough slimes for full evo).

    -Weekly or Monthly runnings of Hero Forge.

    Sparks Of Thought:

    -I, ReapersEdge, was checking out the facebook page (Clearly abandoned) an saw the hero forge posts. I figured that a nice way to pull in some new and old heroes would be to do a fully revamped Hero Forge event. I say Revamped because with the great help of KHG, HonorBound recieved new, 3* Mythic heroes.

    Reasons KHG Should Bring It Back:

    -KHG has been doing great on the new content and heroes, and one might ask, "Why are the new heroes so bad?" One thing is, alot of the big $$$ spenders have slowly bought less items, or so they claim. My goal is to give KHG a chance to release a new hero, Player made, that many people will like.


    -My intentions for this post is to get some of the old players back into the game, any maybe some new ones to get into the game.


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    Yes! The Hero Forge must return, so we can get more out of the game. Rather than: event, pvp, event, pvp, raid, etc.

    maybe we could do a small Hero Forge and a larger one?

    The smaller one would be monthly and with small rewards (essence, 3%, 5% or 10%) and the Hero that won, plus the slime to max evolve said hero.

    But the larger one would be quarterly and have more rewards (like essence, 10-25%, diamonds 250-5,000) and maybe an extra slime over the amount required to max evolve, of the same affinity?
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      /me sobs
      plz no don't do monthly that is how people die, people meaning possibly and most likely me
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