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HCOD: The Fairy of Sour Lake

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  • HCOD: The Fairy of Sour Lake

    The Screeching Fairy of Sour Lake. Description: A pale yellow fairy with crestfallen features and deep eyes brimming with unfathomable sadness. Weapon: a slender spiral wand. Bio: it is said that one time Jester the Bereaved wept for years on end until his tears scraped the surface of the earth and formed a deep lake that resembled a festering wound. The lake was called Sour Lake. From its depth a magical creature was born out of pure sadness and melancholy. The creature was a fairy who breathed by weeping and wailing and not by inhaling. The Screeching Fairy whispers pure sadness into the world. Affinity: Spirit. Class: Wizard. Skills: Frozen Venom, Mana Burst, Mana Fusion.