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  • HCOD: Steel Dragonmight

    Steel Dragonmight. Description: an amazon warrior with savage features; her twin steel daggers are said to be forged from meteor sparks by the last dragonoid blacksmith before the race's extinction. Bio: Steel's family was devoured by the flames of Nox, the most ancient of all dragons. She was an infant then. By some divine intervention Nox didnt harm her. Instead he raised her as if she was a beast cub of his own. The girl grew into a renowned warrior, realizing her full potential at the age of 13, the year she slayed Nox and her dragon step-brothers, avenging her parents. Steel roams the lands in search of dragons, hoping to cleanse the world of their grotesque ferociousness. The barbaric warrior has taken an oath to feast on a dragon's heart every fortnight. So far she has never broken her oath. Class: warrior. Affinity: primal. Skills: primal blow, terra ward, retribution.