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HCOD: The Mistress of Daybreak

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  • HCOD: The Mistress of Daybreak

    The Mistress of Daybreak. Description: a sparrow made of pure golden light. Bio: The Mistress of Daybreak is the incarnation of a woman who once was the mistress of the most powerful king in the lands of Haven. She used to rendezvous everyday with her majestic lover at dawn at the top of the loftiest turret in his kingdom. The king's queen found out one day and had the mistress burned to ashes at dawn as a lesson to all the wenches in the land who dared test her patience. The mistress's spirit however was not ready to depart, not until it had its vengeance at the queen. So it possessed a sparrow who was perched that day on the tree which the mistress was tied to during her sentence. Affinity: Spirit. Class: Wizard. Skills: Regen All, Spirit Boost, Mana Burst.