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Losing map progress in guild assault when exiting game

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  • Losing map progress in guild assault when exiting game

    Unfortunately, I can't leave Honorbound open all the time (either there is a glitch and I have to reload it, or I'm out of energy and I exit the game). When I exit the game, I have to restart the map I was on, and the energy I spent on that map is not refunded. Say if I make it halfway through the map (do to running out of energy) and exit the game, when I open the game again my energy is still spent but the progress is lost. This has happened 3 times. Is there anything that can be done or should I only do the guild assault when I can complete a map all at once? This has made the guild assault very frustrating

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    What you describe here is specific for the Assault event. It has always been like that and I don't think it can be fixed easily if at all. Most players run all the way through the maps, map 4 included, in one go. After that, when you are running maps after having gotten the key, it doesn't matter much.


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      Yes. Dont exit mid map. Finish map. Then exit game. Progress will save