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Disappearing legendarys

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  • Disappearing legendarys

    I have played this game daily, virtually from its inception years ago and have rarely been as frustrated as now. A constant problem exists when summoning from runes when the ‘HonorBound is not working’ notice appears and you lose both the rune and the character. This must have happened at leat 20 times, although after complaining I did get back 2 runes (after the event had ended and they could not be used). This morning, nearing the end of the present event, 2 legendarys have been removed from my squad and have disappeared utterly from my lists making it very hard to compete. What is the point of devoting time and effort when this occurs constantly?

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    Please contact Support,


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      Can we have an update on the proposals for rectifying the loss of all characters won from the arena season 3 many of which were evolved?. Is this like the great data loss under Juice Box? I understand that I am not the only one affected. I for one do not intend to start again.


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        Support will be handling it. Please contact Support and have patience. AH has asked that all tickets get handled together. Maybe it is due some check of the information given by each player, not sure about that. So right now Support are collecting tickets and information and the more specific information you give in the ticket, the more you will help speed up the process.