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    It was recently brought to my attention when member contacted us on Line to join our guild that accounts are vanishing. I also happened upon one while viewing guild scores in the top 25 of this recent assault ran. I'm creating this post in an attempt to reach out to these members to get them help. If you attempt to log in to your account and get taken back to the Commander selection screen, OR notice anyone's account that looks like the below screenshot, please reach out to support. It seems this isn't an isolated incident! Support can be reached at As always, try to be patient when communicating with support while they try to sort this out. Be sure to include your in-game account name, any relevant screenshots in regards to the account, and a valid return email address so support can return your message. The exact cause of this issue hasn't been determined yet, but hopefully it can be resolved by the Dev team. Thanks and good luck! In the below Screenshot, the account on the bottom that is displaying a blank level 1 commander is an example of a vanishing hero account
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    It's also worth noting the following reasons why people think they have lost their old account:

    1) They forgot the exact login.
    2) They remember the email, forgot the password and no longer have access to the old email.
    3) The think they signed up with an email but didn't.
    4) They never signed up with an email.
    5) They are not aware that the login is case sensitive.
    6) Last time they logged in was before the data crash in Nov 2015 and the account is indeed lost.

    Any of these situations leads some players to think their account is lost forever. In most cases it is easy for Support to help them back into their old account - provided that they remember their exact player name.