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Guild Capture Flash Event (New Event Type Idea)

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  • Guild Capture Flash Event (New Event Type Idea)

    My good friend and guildmate, Jax Rogers, has been working on this idea for a new event type. We want to see if we can get any support or feedback on this idea.

    1) This is a guild event (guild events are more fun, garner more participation and have to make more money).
    2) This event is short. 24 hours or less.
    3) There is some advance warning given through the MOTD system (preferably 12 hours or so)
    4) This event is energy based.
    5) The maps are short.
    6) This is where things get different. The main point of this event is capturing. There is a boss at the end of each map and you have a slight chance to capture them.
    7) The collection will be obtained by capturing all of the bosses.
    8) The reward mythic (through thresholds and leaderboard) will be an awesome new unit with a capture ability. Possibly a new commander. (Finally a high powered commander with "Capture"!)
    9) Runes can only be bought singly and at a high price. (Capturing is the point here, after all.)
    10) Everyone in the guild receives the same rewards.
    '11) The capturable units will be made up of the awesome heroes we need to make perfect evolutions. Barnacle Knight would be a good one to start off with but there's lots of them out there that many of us are dying to be able to catch.

    So, HonorBounders, sound off! Tell us what you think and please vote!
    I love it! Let's do it!
    Needs some work. (please let us know why)
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    I love the idea through and through I hope they make this an event soon! I miss the good ol days of capturing heroes, it would be great to have a new commander or hero with the capture ability.
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      I do believe this idea sounds awsome! I take it you want our regular heroes used in this? And how do you think the threshold would work? I immediatly thought of a different type of threshold:

      A threshold that is pretty much the collection heroes, only with a bigger pool of heroes. 10-20. So when I capture one of the heroes everyone in my guild get one added to their collection counter. This way the guild must work together to capture 4 of each. However, only the player who captures the boss will have him added to the library.

      As for the bosses, I am perfectly fine with them being for instance a "Jovial" edititon of an epic. However, I would love them to be legendary collection rewards from back in the day (e.g. Blade of the Wild etc.) or even some of the rare ones that has not been a price or capturable before (Slaan the Wise, Norrec...).

      Finally I think it would have been fun to choose which collection reward to unlock. Lets say you have 5 strong warriors already, the motivation for another might not be there. However, if it was possible to choose between the warrior AND a knight, it would better suit everyone. The lager guilds might have a shot at both, while the smaller guilds would still have a shot at one strong 4* legendary.


      LOVE IT!
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        Absolutely this would be a great way to make capture more relevant again (which I think is a core element that drew me to HB initially), and to evolve some of those old heroes sitting around, or see some heroes 99% of us never got.

        I also LOVE the idea of a more powerful commander with capture. Or retrofitting it to existing EKs. Sucks to have to revert to my dusty old epic commander, or not have him when I get ambushed!

        So it wouldn't be TOO easy, the bosses and mobs could be very challenging -- and of course tougher bosses even more challenging, so someone just starting out couldn't come in and capture top-tier legendaries. (There could be a range, with less powerful heroes easier to capture.) And the levels shouldn't scale (meaning you can't bring in a lvl 10 team and destroy everything).

        I also like some of the ideas for making it really more cooperative, like multiple people battling a boss (like a raid dragon) to lower him into the capture range, or the whole guild needs to collectively capture a whole set of bad guys. Lots to work with here.
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          MagicKagawa I think the idea was to use your own normal squad, yes. You've got a lot of good ideas there.

          Atgard totally agree.

          The Tranquil One it would be awesome to bring capture back in a big bad way.
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