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  • A few small improvements

    Hi Tyler & co,

    As usual, I just want to start by saying what a continued great job you're doing. Really liking the new stuff, but most of all the ongoing communication.

    Just wanted to suggest a few small things that would hopefully be easy to implement. Some may have been covered before!
    - Add higher reward tiers for quests. Most people completed these within about 6 months of playing the game. Maybe VIP points or summoning emblems?
    - Swap out mega battle tokens in the arena streak rewards. They're a bit of a running joke given they have no use! Unless you're bringing back the Valor event?!
    - Update bronze and silver runes. A 10x summon should be easy enough to introduce, but to be honest they're both useless enough that it might be worth getting rid of altogether.
    - Swap out the heroes on Favor and Guild prize. Both terribly outdated.
    - Update the Rampage beasts. I absolutely loved completing the Rampage set, and was so proud of my 4* Withered after months of capturing effort. However, again it's totally outdated since you can summon a better legendary hero with a single event rune! It would be great to do this all over again, knowing there's a worthwhile prize at the end.

    That's it! I don't want to overburden you guys with major requests, so hopefully at least some of those are easy updates to make, and I have no doubt would be well received by the community.

    Thanks guys, and keep up the good work.


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      I think a lot of good points have been made here, and I agree that power creep has made a lot of aspects of the game quite outdated. I still use bronze and silver runes for summoning essence shades and sprites, and I use anything else I get there to fortify them. However, the favor and guild prize (though the latter to a lesser extent) drawings have been overshadowed by the higher accessibility and value of the event drawings. And I know it's been said a thousand times elsewhere, but I think that slimes should have their own rune type/draw pack, or should be added to basic/super/elite runes.