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Slime harvest event

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  • Slime harvest event

    We need a slime harvest event or mini event to help us obtain a lot of slimes fast.

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    I agree jafmus! This is an excellent idea. Bringing slimes into the game for the purpose of,aiding evolution was an amazing idea KHG! now, lets do an event of some kind so that we can boost our slime ranks. It takes alot of rares to make epics and so on and so forth.


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      from where? personally I would like to see new content. not more slimey stuff. who wants better heros when we cant use the ones we have... for any good purpose at least


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        Slime event sounds like fun. I really like the idea of having slimes so that we can evolve heroes from events that ended and may never return.

        Just please get them out of the event drawings for the love of god.

        EDIT: And bugfix them too. Rare slimes have low enough value already; now we don't live in a world where you can create higher rarity slimes because HB keeps SELLING them even though they're BROKEN.