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Bring back the abbysian dragon events

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  • Bring back the abbysian dragon events

    Why don't we have the dragon event again like the abbysian? I am a reasonably strong player and am in a strong guild so I have accumulated some reasonably good heroes. Currently there is nothing in the game that I can use them on. In events, event heroes are a must. The campaign are maps too weak, I can auto play all and the arena currently is no challenge. My guild is too strong for the current dragons. Our best players can pretty much kill one on their own.

    A dragon event like the abbysian dragon even if it's once every month would give me a reason to collect and upgrade some super strong heroes.

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    Completely agree. I would love to see a dragon event again. Like most people, I haven't properly played an event for about a year now as they are all just copy and paste jobs but this is one event that I would love to play again (but with new, better hero rewards). Or even better to get a brand new dragon event.