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  • Weekly tournaments on forum

    Karin could you please start to write congratulations and winners from weekly tournaments on forum! We have seen that under flag from juicebox. Karin you are forum moderator and we have talked about this before. You said you will start with that on new Internet side as khg has taken over! I think it's time to start with it now. It would be great if you start to write top 20 from weekly tournaments every week with congratulations to the winner! I know you are may sleeping on tournaments end bc you are from European, but assuming you are able to track that and write it here than...

    Thanks for give some more substance back to forum.

    On the other hand I will share a new event idea here 💡. AH could use this to create a new event. Weekly tournaments can be used as satellite's. Winner get a qualification on forum for a special tournament week (If winner has a qualification from previous weeks than next player get the qualification.... 52 weeks later for example winners could rumble it out. Archon fragment could be used for that as sign for qualification ingame. Unname archefact to champions fragment and add it manuel to winners. AH could use ingame news to give out congratulations and the informations about the qualification every week, AH only needs to change the name from winner and the player who earned the qualification every week. Than a speciel week with prizes for top 3 (commander) and cool new hero's for top 20. Only players with qualifications could get this cool new stuff. Someone with none qualification could step in and blog a place (as example top 1-3 has no qualification than nobody get the new commander.)... I WOULD like to see this kind of new event. I wouldn't take much effort from devs...

    Its called honorbound and devs should build on new event types on Arena. We have a lot events without Arena. It's my suggestions to build more events on Arena!

    Karin, AH please put some time into it, think about it and create easy Coded events on Arena. Like a surprise event arena week with new prizes and stuff like rings or other cool ideas based on weekly tournaments....

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    Id like that. Score, Placement, IGN; For posting weekly t20 winners.
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      Costumer Service? Could you stop to ignore costumer wishes?