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Google play store! Nobody cares

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  • Google play store! Nobody cares

    Nobody cares about honorbound comments in Google play store. User's are thinking this is a dead game with no costumer service. Many user's have problems but nobody helps them on Google play store. German player's have connection issue's or hang on 62% bug. Nobody cares. It's a small playerfield and it should be on high priority list to care about users in Google play store to. It's not hard to get more player on board. But if owner did not care on store than new players left the game bc problems get not fixed. Also fresh players are looking for an ACTIVE game and a helpful costumer service on Google play store. IF owner would take care about it than many NEW players would download it!! Nobody wants download a dead game with no comments from owner on play store. It's a lot of stupidy to care not about it...

    IF App holdings need help on German language than you could pm me on forum and I could take care about it. I only need access to it. I wouldn't do it for free but AH could pay with ingame money.

    IF owner want to keep the game alive than care about every single comment on app store... They will bring fresh money in.