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Gear Swapping Suggestion You Could Easily Do

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  • Gear Swapping Suggestion You Could Easily Do

    So one of the biggest pains of the UI is that we can't sort the inventory in game to put our frequently used gear towards the front of the big gear list. This could be fixed on your end in an hour or so by simply moving a piece of gear to the front of the gear list when it was unequipped in the database, since it seems like the gear is in 'oldest first' order by default that should be fairly easily to simply rearrange. And if for some reason this might be an expensive operation to do, you could always do it say every 10th gear change, so that eventually the frequently used gear would migrate towards the front of the list but at a 10th of the cost.

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    It would certainly be helpful. Great idea!


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      Or simpler way of selling gear. Or select type of gear wanted, like characters, ascending to descending, vs versus.