Its only my imagination though to give somekind of idea for a new commander.
My ideal commander name is King of laughing night
His Background is like this
"One of the strongest honorbound once, cursed, and become a psycho laughing king swore to never show his real face once again even he wants to"
His Ability is
Primal infusion
Obsession and (only a recreation move of mine)
King's last laugh

King's last laugh ability is an ability where he attack the enemy group and burned them while decreasing all of his attribute in such a high decrease. So the player need to use this move wisely though as if it can make him easy to be taken down.

I can't draw but i can tell how he looks like in my head. He has red cape, a scary-looking smiling mask(scarier than ripper i think) and his body looks a bit like shadow walker but his armor has a lot of blood around him.
His weapon kinda hard for me to choose neither the ripper blade or a sword like shadow walker but with purple flames on it.
His affinity is... well from all of this you can tell his an abyss commander.
To be honest i want to put his name same as mine Which is NightLaugh. But i think i let the people choose what name should be perfect for him.

This is only my suggestion for a new commander and it has been in my mind for a long time. So i thought today i would like to share this suggestion to the community.

Thank you for taking your time to read this idea and if this idea seems too boring for you i am very sorry for making you all bored.