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Let us sell our extra Gear.

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  • Let us sell our extra Gear.

    Right now, rings, pendants, and trinkets are a pain to skim through when equipping our heroes (especially since there's also no option to sort them either).

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    Tap the stats type picture (swords, shields and so on) while choosing a piece to equip and it sorts from maximum to minimum by a chosen parameter. Not the very bestr because you still have to scroll it probably but don't say there's no sorting.

    Selling gear is also optionable by tapping inventory... You could get the answers from game chat (hope did yet)...


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      The method for selling gear could be made better, but it yes does exist in the inventory, but you need to tap each piece and press sell, one, at, a, time.


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        Originally posted by Bobbybrown View Post
        but you need to tap each piece and press sell, one, at, a, time.
        Nothing is perfect bro. However... Did you try the 'sell gear' button there? It gives you option to sell all of a same kind in one tap. Let's say you have 25 pristine orichalcum rings of banditry - may sell them all at once, not in 25 operations. And all the other pieces of gear that are shown at same screen can be chosen and sold. So you may get rid of a whatever number of 10 types of items at same time.