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Hybrid/Dual-type heroes.

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  • Hybrid/Dual-type heroes.

    Right now, I tend to not use certain types of heroes due to thematic similarities with heroes that I do use (ex. I don't use a knight because I already use a warrior, and I don't use a wizard because my commander is a Celestial Sage). As I'm sure you can imagine, these substitutions don't always fit (warriors and knights in particular have rather different roles despite their aesthetic similarities). Given that there just aren't as many slots as there are classes, it'd be great if some Heroes could pull double-duty.

    Things like archer-wizards that can shoot magic imbued arrows or cleric-knights that can create barriers to protect multiple heroes at once (or especially commanders who can actually serve as a decent substitute for another class).

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    You are overthinking the simplicity of the game but I kind of like how you are doing things differently and arnt using the burn chant meta like most do


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      rafael0622 - Well, I do things the way I do because my squad structure is based more on OCD pattern fixation than any kind of actual strategy. '^_^


      • #4 what's the suggestion?

        I think you need to see some knights with burning chant and wizards with wards, the latest ones, so you see this taking place in game yet. Bro, was it you to inspire them for the longest event rewards?


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          What you need is a wide array of different heroes that have many different/useful abilities. You should have heroes for specific duties. Arena, dragons and event gameplay all have different needs. Work on saving heroes thay have at least two strong abilities. Wards, invos, DOTs, mana, and healing should be prioritized. Keep heroes with multiple of these abilities. Work on saving resources and evoing the best heroes.
          I have heroes for specific duties. A set for terra dragons, a different set for primal and lunar. Different heroes for arena etc.