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Arena Claiming Reward Issue

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  • Arena Claiming Reward Issue

    Karin, I had a problem with claiming reward for title that I had ranked in arena. According to your post on Arena Season 4 ranks rewards chart table I supposed ly be able to claim rewards as accordingly . (1) veteran legionaire - Norrec The Redeemed, (2) now Centurion (51,1M) - Valorhall should i do and your suggestions? Thankyou.

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    It can be a little tricky to know how it is you get your ranking prizes from arena, I agree. First of all, there is no popup about them. Secondly, you have to play a couple of matches, restart and, in some cases, wait up to 24 hours before the prizes are in your account. You will see gear under Gear, resources added directly to Resources and, in the case of commanders and heroes, you will find them as an emblem. You go to Research / Summoning, look over to the very left and pick the emblem to research.

    if you have waited more than 24 hours and have looked in these places without any luck, you contact Support.