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How to get Elethera Coven-Keeper as a F2P Person?

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  • How to get Elethera Coven-Keeper as a F2P Person?

    Has anyone run the numbers on getting the Mythic Elethera via pure grinding to the 300k it requires to get here in this short event run? Is it possible to do with no spending of diamonds whatsoever? I'm kind of dubious, as I'm getting about 2.5k sigils per run. Without spending diamonds, and running once every 2 hours, that nets me a maximum of 30k per day (if I wake up every two hours, shirk all other responsibilities, etc). For the 4 days (Friday-Saturday(1)-Sunday(2)-Monday(3)-Tuesday(4)) that would mean I make at most 120k through this event. Am I just playing it wrong? I already have 4 event legendaries, so I'm maximizing that, but I've been unlucky and have only pulled the mage and the rogue (I'm missing the other two, so I don't get the super buff legendary). Am I strategizing incorrectly on my runs? Is there a quicker way to get higher?

    I understand it's competitive and no one wants to share their secrets at getting a lot of sigils per run, but I feel like that unless I'm willing to drop 6k in diamonds (2.5k per run, times 120 runs = 300k. 120 times x 50 diamonds per run is 6k diamonds), I'm not getting anywhere near obtaining her. I'm not really interested in trying to crack the top of the leaderboards, there are plenty of people willing to drop a lot more than me and I'm not interested, but I wanted to see if there was any way a F2P or even a small P2P player like me has a shot of obtaining her.

    It's not even like I could pay for a run or two in between the standard runs. Last time I spent the diamonds to run the map early, my timer reset back to 2 hours, so it's not like I could run 3-4 every 2 hours, wait for the timer to come up, and then run again.

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    You need 75k per day, which equates to just over 6k per run if you use all 12 free keys every day on the hour (i don't think they gave out keys as threshold rewards this time). To get an average of 6k per run you probably need a multiplier somewhere between 15x to 18x, so no, it is very unlikely that you could get her for free. With a multiplier of just 4 1.5x legendaries, I'm assuming your multiplier is around 6? Assuming you really don't sleep you will probably need to buy 24 keys a day, or 96 keys over the whole event for a total of around 5,000 diamonds. Assuming you don't sleep, or your multiplier doesn't improve. Buying keys resets your timer, though, so you probably have to buy all 36 keys every day .....

    Just keep pushing, though. With chests dropping 2x runes, you may just get lucky and score a better multiplier along the way. It is worth pushing just to try and score Ragglesnatch as a consolation prize. I've been playing for over a year now and have only scored the threshold mythic three times ever, so it is pretty hard.
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      Thanks for the response. Yeah I plan on sleeping so I don't think I'm going to land her. Oh well. I've managed to boost my multiplier to 8 (I didn't know we could evolve for better multiplier) and managed a 5k run with Elethera giving me around 900 of that 5k. I guess I'll just hope to find the rune chest and maybe I'll be lucky enough to get the remaining two legendaries. It's crazy so far I've managed to pull 5 of the rogue and 6 of the mage... But none of the other two.