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New dragon strategies - should really help all guilds to get the new Lunar!

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  • New dragon strategies - should really help all guilds to get the new Lunar!

    Hi HB Raiders,

    So, new dragons are out, and a whole new type of 'event' is up. Awesome work KHG! There are a few teething problems which will hopefully be ironed out, but in the meantime, this is a quick post to help EVERYONE take down the beasts. After all, the whole community will need to work together to get these 12,000 Dragon Killing Points (DKP).

    Things to note:
    - All dragons are harder than they were, so don't be surprised if your 'old' raid team is doing half damage or even less
    - Burn skills still work, but much less effective than before. Against 4* dragons they don't work at all
    - Dragon gear now only works for the correct type. Previously terra stuff gave you a 50% benefit against primal, and vice versa. This is no longer the case
    - The higher the dragon level, the more rewards and higher DPK per seal you get. The top 2 dragons are worth 2 DKP PER 50 SEALS you spend. The bottom is worth 1 DKP per 50 seals, and the second weakest is 1.5DKP
    - So, if you can kill them, go for the highest level dragons

    Effective skills:
    - Primal blow and Brilliant blow are the best Damage over time (DoT) skills. Primal blow is slightly less effective against primal dragons - BB is generally better. If you don't have either, go for infernal slash
    - Deadly poison is awesome, especially against Terra dragons
    - Parasitic spores, necrotic cut and other disease DoTs will work well too generally speaking
    - Invocation (level 4 if possible) of your best DoT skill heroes (e.g. Spirit invo to boost Aurum). Usually this will be for Primal or Brilliant blow
    - Ward (level 4 if possible) of the dragon affinity
    - Healing over time (primal infusion, steal spirit, mass regen are best. Crusader's chant also OK)
    - Mana! Lots of heroes have a mana boost along with an invo or ward. You'll need the mana for all those skills!
    - Terra Weakness (on The Punished) can help if your primal blow guy happens to be Grimshaw (who also gives mana)

    - You will need seals to be farmed while morale refills. If you fail to do this, you'll run out pretty quick! Maps are: The Awakening, Derrick the Silent, Court of Ruin and Old Hatreds
    - Boxes giving out raid gear have been fixed. The tougher the dragon, the better the gear.
    - Lunar gear seems to be on offer on the stronger dragons, though it looks like the benefits will need tweaking (50 damage resist is negligible!)

    That's it! Hopefully some helpful stuff there. If you want any advice then you're welcome to seek me out on LINE (User Not_Real), or just message me here.

    Thanks to everyone at Adult $in for the huge amount of experimenting that went into this. And Relentless too. Was fun beta testing with you guys.

    Now go kick those dragons' nuts!
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    Well put NR.
    Leader of Adult $in


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      Nicly done.
      Do you want a challenge or do you want to win?
      Respectfully Fallen.