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  • Veilstone Multipliers

    Hello everyone, I was trying to understand the Max Bonus! on this veilstone multipliers but i failed.

    My 2* mythic gives 8x multiplier, 4* legendary gives 3x.

    When i enter the event i get 12x. So i figured if i had 5 mythics --> 40x is the maximum i get so why does it say +800% max in the info section of event ?

    What am i missing or calculating wrong ? +800% means 8x ?

    Thank you all

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    4-2* mythics at 8x a piece is s max of 32x multiplier not 40


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      I never said 4-2* mythics, i said if i had 5 of them and that is not what i am trying to learn, i can multiply 4 with 8...


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        The deal is you can get MAX 4 heroes other than commander. You can't replace commander with regular hero that's why Lana wrote 4-2* mythic and that's why max multi is 32x not 40. Are you sure you have in your squad (besides 2* mythic) one 4* legend?
        IGN: krzakoo


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          Ok I think its my bad, I should have explained it better.
          There is only one thing I want to know, in the pic I add, it says Max Bonus! +800%. What does it mean ? I meant is there anything I am missing about calculation or is there any other way to boost the multiplier? Btw i can calculate my squads rate guys it also says everytime I make an encounter. I am not a moron :P Thank you anyway, sorry if I said anything harsh


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            It's max multi from one hero, here 2* mythic - 800% - 8x.
            Noone said you are I'm just surprised you have 12x with one 2* mythic and one 4* legend. In the past legends had 2,5x at 4* and only rare legend had higher multi - 3,5x if I remember correctly but still , it doesn't fit here.
            IGN: krzakoo