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  • Archon fragment

    hi just a quick question. I have a archon fragment in my items and it says to research it but when I go to do it it won't come up. Can anyone tell me what's it for? Thanks for the help.

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    It unlocks a new level for you.


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      Are you stuck without a next level to go to? There are 2 halves to collect so it may be that you've only got one. Think half was on the Danarius level and half was the alshin princess one.

      If you have both and no problem proceeding with the game then it might just be stuck in your inventory as a keepsake, in which case you don't need to do anything..


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        Not Real There is actually three archon fragments, one from "What Naema Fears" and the other two are where you said they were. But the first one you need to research to get the mission sets to get the other two.

        I believe that NYR144's problem is that it's not appearing in the research "relics" tab. So if that is the case then send an email though the "contact us" button in the settings tab, oh and label the email to qhat your problem is.
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          First thank you for helping me all of you. So do I go and get the other 2 fragments cause it only says I have one. Or do I just write to HonorBound and see what they say. Also do you know what the lvl names are and which sub lvl. I've been looking all around and can't find them.
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            The fragments stay in the inventory after they are no longer needed. You only need to contact support if you are stuck in the storyline.


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              I don't think I'm stuck in the storyline cause I've faced higher levels and beat Derrick the Silent. What is the last lvl in the game?