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Two questions about evolving heroes

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  • Two questions about evolving heroes

    Hello guys, I am a new player so I have two questions regarding hero evolution.
    1. If I evolve four 1* epic event heroes, I get a 4* epic hero with 2x multiplier. Then if I evolve a 3* epic hero with a 2* epic hero, will I get a 4* epic hero with 2.25x multiplier?
    2. If I evolve a 3* hero with a slime, should I upgrade the slime to level 100 for maximal benefit?

    Thank you.

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    The max for epic heroes in events is 2x, regardless of how you evolve them. You can level them up more and/or evolve (e.g) 3*+3* = 4* to get higher attributes and power, but it won't affect the multiplier.

    If you use a perfect slime (the clear one), you don't have to level up the hero or the slime, and you'll get max benefit. Any other slimes (e.g. green ones), you have to level them up to maximize attributes.

    Most event epics and legendaries are useful primarily in the events. Some of them have interesting abilities (e.g. comet, wards, invocations, mass heal) that would warrant spending the resources to level them up properly. Others don't, so a 'dirty' evolve would be just fine.


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      Thank you Lump.