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  • What am I doing wrong?

    I can't get more than a few spaces in "Forgotten Citadels" without getting completely wiped out even though all of my heroes are above the recommended level.

    My current party is:

    Celestial Sage (Lv. 57)
    Liashi Chosen One (Lv. 55)
    Duskweald Slayer (Lv. 54)
    Risen Rager (Lv. 51)

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    All of the campaign was made on the original update or one of the original ones. A good party level would be about 115 - 150 at minimum. I beat it at 100 but I have an excelling squad. So level yours up some more and hope that Preach comes out with an update fixing everything.
    ​​​​​LotP, 101
    The BeastBird 4*, 102 levels, 341 power
    Cosima the Covert 2*, 100, 391
    Shi`cth the Destroyer 2*, 98, 337
    Marietta the Buccaneer 4*, 101, 355.
    The squad works really well together due to awesome abilities but it is very costly. All mythic and legendary. K4QF9LA is my code I have that squad on most of the time.



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      115?! But the mission's recommended level is 49-50.

      (Just to clarify, I'm referring to the second mission of the 'What Naema Fears' quest.)
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        Well, I did some research and got my mana pool up to 22. Hopefully that'll help.


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          Not sure why you'd have a problem there, but it won't get easier. Pick up some event heroes, they're way more powerful than map and rune summon heroes. Get 1000 points or so in the current event and you should finish in the top 1000 to get a legendary that would amp up your team significantly. Join Jafmus Universe and you'll get top 10 reward heroes for the guild event next week.


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            Well, I swapped out my 'rainbow' team for a single affinity team:

            Celestial Sage (Lv. 60)
            Godsworn Shaman (Lv. 50)
            Servitor Sentry (Lv. 50)
            Rimeholm Scout (Lv. 50)

            They're actually doing pretty well so far.