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[Question] How to perfect evolve hero with slimes?

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  • [Question] How to perfect evolve hero with slimes?

    Hi everyone, I'm newbie in this game. So. I was participating in the last event and I got my first BeastBird. I also have like 5 legendary primal slimes. Can someone please guide me how to evolve BeastBird with my slimes to get the best results (perfect evolution)? I would be very grateful!

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    There is a very long post about the details of evolve but the short version is: take the last two (hero and slime or hero and hero) to lvl 100 before evolve. If you have a perfect slime, just evolve with both card and slime at lvl 1.


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      Karin can you explain how and which one is better between a hero 3* + affinity slime(lvl 1 or need lvl 100) and a hero 3* + perfect slime(lvl1 or need lvl 100)


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        3* hero lvl 100 + affinity slime lvl 100 = 3* hero lvl 1 + PERFECT slime lvl 1

        That gives the same. I understand the confusion, but that is what is meant by Perfect Slime - no extras needed, lvl 1 and go. I hope that helps.