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Guard Commander Praxtis vs Primeval

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  • Guard Commander Praxtis vs Primeval

    I finally saved up 7000 emblems. Which of these is a better buy? I have seen lots of arena teams with Primeval, but on the surface Guard Commander looks to have better abilities (mass heal, siphon, and a bleed). Is resurrection and a slightly larger power level THAT important?

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    Primeval is a better commander coz resurrection is a useful ability and will work. But most of the commander abilities suck anyways so I doubt you'll be wasting mana on them. A mass heal from that commander at lvl150 would probably heal your team for 4k-6k ? Ans forget about the bleed. It's not worth it. Go for more power and resurrection .


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      Both commanders have their uses, especially in raids. Very good survivability, so basically it all boils down to preference. Here's some screenshots of Praxtis's siphon life @ lvl 150 against a dragon. My personal preference is Praxtis. Siphon life allows you to survive the triple strikes! Hope these help
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