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Feralkin Sharpshooter or Living Bow

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  • Feralkin Sharpshooter or Living Bow

    So, which one would you put in your arena team? I think Feralkin's fire attack does more damage than Living Bow's entropic arrow and it costs nothing to use. The Bow's single enhanced damage shot is powerful and free but Feralkin's poison arrow is on going. The bow's dual shot is a wet lettuce compared to the enhanced damage boost with Feralkin. Living Bow's power number is higher though. Thoughts??? The natural assumption is that the Living Bow would be better as it is a year on from Feralkin.

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    I would use both. The Living Bow is more comparable to Tlaloc the Swift than to Feralkin. Feralkin has Burning Chant and that's would be all I'd use her for in arena. But Entropic Arrow is a very good supplement to burn.
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      Ah! You know it depends how good you accurate tutuapp and control the weapons. Some like this some like that. If you ask me, yea vidmate I agree with your point.


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