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  • Suspension of an acct

    I am absolutely fed up with 2 players in global chat. Both Lester and Undertale Fan. Anyone reading this knows exactly whom I am referring to. As far as global chat goes, it can be rather harsh at times, with arguments developing or childish behavior, but these 2 individuals have taken it to far with vulgar sexual dusscussions that are in clear violation of Use policy. It's a global chat, and some players that are quite young should not be exposed to such vulgarities. I realize it's impossible to police every situation, but this situation not only needs immediate action, but requires it. Nuller, as our in-game represenative, I'm fairly certain you know exactly what I'm talking about. Is this an ideal way for our game we all enjoy to be represented? Shouldn't some sort of action be done to those who blatantly violate the code of conduct policy?

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    I agree, or at least disable their ability to use the in-game chat.
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      Players, who witness unbecoming conduct on the global chat in the game, can pass on screen shots to me so I can collect information for KHG, who will then consider a possible ban. My LINE Id is Nuller.


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        I agree with Contemptor.
        You will be getting screen shots of inappropriate chats.
        where do you want them? I don't have the line app. So will need an alternative.


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          Check pm, Phay :-)


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            I must say, I agree. Few others have gotten up there. Me being one, it's hard to say this but...if there is temporary suspension, I know of a few others, me included, who deserve a few weeks of suspension or disiplinary action. Im fessing up right here for some of my ranting and bullshit I've posted on global. I have lost alot from my rants and complains. I just wanted to put this out there from me, before screenshots of my convo are sent. All of you who know me, thanks for making me realize my mistakes and bring there for me...


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              I have a 12 yr old daughter. She doesn't play HB but lots of other kids do. They should have a good experience too in my book. But the decision in each case is up to KHG.