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Matchmaking and Commander Overload Concerns

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  • Matchmaking and Commander Overload Concerns

    First off, the addition of The Enraged Baronet and possibly a top25 commander brings up the 'what to do with all these commanders' issue again. They cut more and more into our libraries with no way to get rid of them, and that would be my second enraged baronet. Of course getting rid of them (donate, etc.) might allow some to be resummoned, which might cause revenue problems as well. Probably the best solution would be to not count them towards the library total until some longer term solution can be arrived at.

    Secondly, I am concerned about the matchmaking algorithm that will be used. Most people do not have their PVP squad equipped most of the time, especially during solo or guild events/raids. How will the matchmaking algo take this into account? If I am matched against a 'PL 400' opponent who has their level 60 event or dragon raid squad in, that would not be a successful algo. Is gear taken into account? One idea might be to remember the last PVP squad used that beat an opponent for each player, so their best, or at least a decent' squad would be put forward and use that as the AI based version. This of course is a workaround to deal with the fact that we can't set up a dedicated PVP squad. An AI opponent squad might be different from a non-AI player squad though, so that isn't ideal either.

    One problem we used to have is players with 2 or more High King Gard opponents, where wards and AI healing led to fights that might last an hour or more. When points/score matters as much as is being described for these seasons, and not just for some diamonds, battles that last more than a minute or two become a real concern. Facing squads with 4 ward knights for instance might be abusive after the 20th time.

    One week-ish until the new season. Hopefully you have considered these aspects.

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    These are valid concerns. Thank you for posting them!


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      I second slain


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        I think the long-term solution for long fights might be to limit the number of rounds to say 20, and call it a draw. But that would require changes to the game client which seems to be a roadblock to progress.