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Line Chat Destroying Game!

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  • Line Chat Destroying Game!

    Ok i understand why KHG joined Line chat but they only talk to guild leaders?
    The ​​​Guild Leaders do not speak for me no anyone else but them selfs! So why take away the damn solo portal? Oh i know why because they asked because they are low on epack! Thats not mine or anyone elses problem! You guys a screw the pooch big time by using the leaders chat rather then the forums where everyone can contact you but then again i honestly love some of the changes but the customer service..... Feels like JB all over again from what ive seen and been told!
    I know you guys are better then this KHG but listening to the guild leaders to try and fix the game come on i know you guys have better ideas then trying to please the masses! Even if i get kicked from my guild for this post then so be it, i just feel that the leaders lime chat group doesnt tell you how we all feel and they only relay what they want for the most part!

    I for one was not asked about how i felt about no solo portal event for a while!

    Ive been waiting over 3 damn months for this event and was informed there wont be one any time soon because everyone is low e-packs once again not my problem they can buy the damn things! I love this game more then you know but the damn stupid moronic leaders are destroying this game by relaying what they want to you and not what we all want .

    I really hope you read this Tyler i truly do because if this keeps up then im done, im not going to side by and watch other people destroy a game ive been playing since launch
    And if others dont agree with me i really dont care either! Please respond in the forums or pm me i just want to know why why you listen to them when they dont tell there guild mates whats being talked about or everyone's opinion if i dont hear a response then ill get my answer and request to give my account away.....even after what i have spent on this game since i started the new account! But all the money i have spent was worth it imo! Because it was fun and i had friends and Family to grind with in the guilds!

    But the guild leaders ate not doing there job on your behalf like you think which os the reason for this rant! Sorry it came to this Tyler i respect you for stepping up to male the game better but i know you have better ideas for
    ​​​​​​​( Now ) your game then is players over all! Thank you for your time and listening if you even are on the forums anymore!

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    I understand your frustration Fox. This game has always lacked a voice from the players to the owners. I don't agree with a lot of the changes either but I love this game so I keep playing. I know of at least one person in that Line chat who is looking out for the players and that's Karin, while I don't like everything I hear from her I know she has good intentions. My advice to you is to be patient and try to enjoy as much of the game as you can. In the end it is just that, a game, if you can't find joy in HB then maybe it's time to move on.
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      Now dont get me wrong, i love this game and enjoy it! But most leaders try to fond a way for it to favor them or there guild and we all know it! Nuller/Karin is doing a great damn job , but she cant hold down the fort all by her self... I know KHG is working hard on fixing the game but as for the arena it killed the game so o cant get essences to lvl my heros faster during events in stead of the 100% in rewards for essence we only get 50% total? 10% at a time now to me it doesnt seem worth it. But thats just one of many issues the game has. Also this is how i feel in this pic someone made


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        Fox, I don't feel I am holding down the fort myself :-) I lead two guilds, one in top 25 and one in top 10, representing 100 players who are not in the top and see a game very different from players in top 3. I am also in several chat rooms, talk to a lot players directly, like you, and feel well able to provide KHG with feedback from players at all levels.

        The thing is that no one wants the same and they mainly want what will satisfy themselves. As with everything in life, running this game is a balance. People must be considered, in turns. A level 30 player, who joined yesterday, should have a good enough experience to want to stay for years, as should the players who have already been here for years. There is no one answer to anything and KHG will never be able to make everyone happy at once. We will always see posts here on forum about what people are upset about.

        As for the arena streaks, as far as we players can make out the essence you can win adds up to the same. As Tyler posted yesterday, the mega battle tokens has been taken out and replaced, something we have asked for for a very long time. I believe if you add up all the essence you can win in a full cycle you still end up with 100%.

        I know that experienced players would have preferred the 100% refill but as my latest account is only 1 year old, I remember very well how it was impossible for me to win a full streak in arena for a long time. By dividing the essence up in smaller packages, including the lower streak, it is easier for the newer players to win the essence they need to level up their heroes and do well in events - to the benefit of all guilds.


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          I never thought about it that way but it adds uo to only 90% there are 4 of the 10% and a 5x 10% essence refill in the current rewards so we all lose ouofon 10% if you are maxed thats 300k in essence that we the players have lost. And i apologize if that came out wrong i was upset when i posted that, and i apologize if it came across rude in any way shape or form.

          But by splitting the essence up they had to take out the 2 arena energy pack refills which is something I/every player needs and uses/saves for arena events or to get free diamonds by placing in the weekly tournament.


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            You are right, Fox. It doesn't add up to 100% right now. I think we are all waiting for the final revamp of the arena streaks :-)
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