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KHG: Proactive or Self-Deteriating?

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  • KHG: Proactive or Self-Deteriating?

    The past 12 months I've played, I have experienced some truely fun times and made a new family here with DB and the rest of HB, but what I have witnessed the whole time, is a game company slowly rotting from the inside out. Players advise with great ideas and concepts, but they only get althe generic "Ill tell Tyler" Reply, and nothing happens. There have been great milestones laid out like a stone path by KHG, but littered in these stones are cracks, chips, and indents that make each stone unnatractive. New raid dragon? Sweet! We cant kill it or close too. Arena event? Long needed! Made no sense based from last arena events. This game needs origionality, I agree, but the games origionality is what is stabbing itself in the back, repeatedly. It's the same thing over and over, something new is released, but EVERYONE complains and has a nit pick about it. KHG, ask yourselves why, look to the players for advice, and take their advice in like a sponge. You guys need to get back into the game. I'm not venting, Nor raging or getting upset. I am just saying, please smarten up about how you go about things before you end up like JB, or worse. If someone wants better rewards, or heroes, comprimise, "We'll give better heroes, but as a higher thresh." or ViceVersa. You guys could be making a lot more money if you would just be taking advice from the people who pay you, the people that give you the reason to be here. Because one day, youre going to push these people too far, and i can tell you, thse people are impossible to replace especially the people i call my friends in this lunatic game. Youve played well KHG, but I challenge you to up your game and show this community what you guys are capable of. Please consider this highly, because I have witnesed this game deteriate from the inside out, and id like to make a shout out to the players we lost for whatever reason:

    CrazyBhoi - Relentless Officer
    John777 - DB Leader
    DylinKiller - PA Leader

    Trevor, (5L4)
    Respectable DB officer and friend

    Love you guys!

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    100% agreed Trev. They should listen more to the Community, give better heroes for beginners, and shouldn't make it only P2W!

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