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  • 5th squad slot

    So I just created a new account waiting for my old one to be completed and I managed to grind my way to facing Naema. Naema's journal is said to have a chance to drop from any gold chest in the mission. I have used over 50 energy packs (including the ones from my commander lvl up) and still no journal has dropped. I have played the mission over and over again I honestly am just tired of playing it. I remember when I had my old account Naema's journal dropped immediately. Is there a bug or do I just have to keep playing over and over until it drops. At this point I do not see any hope for it dropping because I think I might just stop playing if I have to play the level 30 or 40 more times.

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    If you have tried that many times, please send a ticket to Support. A few players encounter this problem.