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  • THE PRIME OF LIFE Recruiting

    First of all, a great thanks to KHG which helping honor bound game to flourish. This arena season 2 is really helpful for everyone to get strongest commander and heroes. At least everyone can enjoy the game more than ever and be useful for their team. and right now KHG designing new abilities. We just thinking maybe we could have new heros eventually, or maybe new type of event.:-)
    we all like this game, that's why we all supporting our company.

    OKEY, after three years playing I decided to start my own guild for good. I was player and officer of different guild. But it doesn't matter to mention the specific name. What i want to accomplishe in this game is starting my guild with new players. I'll give some threads about my guild:

    1. Requirment is doesn't matter. You can join me with any lvl you are at ( lvl 1 or lvl 150) and also if you don't have a full team or sqaud it won't be problematic, you can BUILD your team with me.:-)

    2. these new legendaries are really strong enough for arena and even for raid.

    3. Requirment for be officer in my guild is lvl 50 for all your team And who can understand the game and help others as well.

    4. I do raid alot in my guild, which is really helpful for all players. Rewards will be raid rune, essence and most importantly the raid boxes. My main reason to hitting raid alot is to unlock all tires of all dragon and moreover help out friends to get boxes.
    * TERRANAX 3 has been unlock in my guild, and i'm trying to unlock the PRIMALAX 3. And I'm going forward to unlock TERRANAX and PRIMALAX 4. lol

    5. I'm donating the guild myself. Right now the guild is lvl 22 and near to lvl23. And there arr SIX players in my guild.

    6. About my history in this game. I see most of the guilds. i don't remember i had failed history in this game, any where i go i was proud.
    when we had a lunar event for lunaredal ( lunar dragon, it was ME who start the helping other guild in HB community.and te number of times i helped put different guild was endless.:-)

    7. I'll do alot of SOLO events to get heroes for raid and arena.

    8. I have line application, my ID line is : Durotan717.
    * you can apply to my guild if you couldn't find my ID LINE.

    9. For event what it matter is free time which means you can get score. If you don't have a free time, it won't be bother me because LIFE. is always matter first.

    10. And finally the event is this week, oct ,26. Guild bounty collection.This will be our first event in THE PRIME OF LIFE.

    So if you reading this message, remember, there is NEW guild counting ON YOU.

    thank you. Wish you the best.

    ariya . starlord
    friend code: 37 L 5L 76
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    Cant wait, lets take TOP 3, maybe even come out #1!!! It'll be AN HONOR fighting along side you!


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      Thank you grimm, I hope I achieve what i want, right now we have 15 players in my guild, it's been a also honor to have you in our guild.:-)


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        There is a page for guild recruiting.
        True Honor Guild