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    I have created a new guild. Its honor score in arena is more than the guilds ranking 35-50 but my guilds name does not show in rankings. Why?

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    There hasn't been any update to the guild arena leaderboard in quite some time. New guilds have to submit a ticket to support to have their new guild updated to the current database
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      I haven't heard about needing to be added by Support. But I remember there was a problem with Ariya’s guild that was never solved by KHG.

      The first thing to keep in mind, though, is that the guild list in arena gets reset every week. It only counts what honor members of your guild has scored that particular week. The best way to check for your guild is to scroll down and see where you show up.

      If this turns out to be a general problem, please do write to support and include a screen shot showing what you see when you look for the guild you are in on the guild leader board. They will collect info over some time and try to talk to the devs about it.

      How to contact Support: in-game from Settings, Contact Us, email, website Please be sure to include your game name, your guild name if you use email or website and attach the screen shot.


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        Back to school Karin. It's a general problem...