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    Can someone explain to me how the multipliers work. I have three 4* Epic's, and a 1* Mythic. Yet all of my 4* are only at 2x multi. Guys in my guild are getting 100k+ points like its nothing.

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    1* epic has 1.25 multi, goes up .25 for each evolve until multi 2 for a 4*.
    1* legendary has 1.5 multi and it goes up .5 for each evolve until multi 3 for a 4*.
    1* mythic has multi 4 and a 2* mythic has multi 8.

    A score of over 100k in Bounty is a very high score. You need to spend a lot of diamonds on extra keys for that, plus have a high multi. You can optimize your runs by only fighting the boss and the mobs with the highest count. Or maybe even only the boss. The faster you finish your map, the more often you will be buying an extra key at 50 diamonds.


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      What is the info panel that says
      Max Bonus:
      Stats multi - 200%
      Sigil multi - 800%

      how do you get that?


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        The info panel has not been updated in years, these numbers may be from when there were also special event commanders.

        The highest multi you can get is 32. That is with four 2* mythics.


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          Thank you for the info.