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  • Biased

    Should the head admin of the game really be a guild leader, wouldn’t that create some sort problems like her being biased towards her own guild to benefit themselves. Also who makes the heroes because I sure hope it isn’t the head admin because most of the 3* star mythics are trash it’s like they are given random abilities that don’t correspond with each other or are outdated like some of the buffs that only give a set number meanwhile the viable heroes are usually the 2* mythics and legendaries that are given the perfect set up while this isn’t always true it is for the most part.

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    Very unprofessional for the game if this is true, i’m giving you the benefit of the doubt that you don’t give your guild an edge or actually do make heroes because that would make sense why the top tier ones aren’t as good because you’d favor the lower mythics and legendaries that everyone else would get while you neglect the top tier ones but I do understand that the lower heroes should be good as well to compete with everyone else


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      Same person starting/running multiple accounts shouting everywhere of unfair conditions. Is it just my guess? Or someone could have focused on anything bringing up any profit with no fights and blames? Game is way too far from perfect and you probably got to be disctracted from the gameplay at all not to see it but please stop the ridiculous senseless shit throwing. Keep the hope on improves to happen or just quit spending your time at this game if it is that much of a bad for you. I wonder if trash talking (with no morale or a suggestion to fix a thing) ever helped through all human history.

      You need attention? Find some without spitting your jealousy on others.


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        Second tier mythic this guild event is the best prize. The rest is like raid heroes, but how many raid heroes do we need? It gets boring.