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  • cant recover

    i cant recover my account i request for password reset but dev didnt send me any mail pls help me my old account name ImranAzni maybe karin still remember me XD

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    Welcome back :-)

    There are some general things to keep in mind in terms of passwords so let me list them for others to see as well:

    1)You may not have a password at all. You should be able to check that in Settings (gear icon over to the left) as there will be a link to register the account if you haven't.

    2) Both login and password are case-sensitive. So be sure you have the right combination of upper and lower case.

    3) If you have access to the login email, you can click on 'Forgot Password' on the login screen and get sent a link for creating a new password. Two notes about this - it may take a little time for the email to hit your inbox, once you have changed your password the receipt will say 'Oops, there was a problem!'. Try to use the new password anyway.

    4) If you are still stuck, next step is to write to Support ( You should get an automated reply with a number. If you don't get it, Support didn't get your mail. Support cannot tell you your password! They don't have it. Nor can they add a password to your current login email. The help you can get from Support is help to be sure you are using the right login email and if you are still stuck, they can help you add a new set of login but the new email needs to be one that has never been used for any account in HB. Support is not manned 24/7. Expect a reply within 48 hours. In case of emergencies, you can contact me.


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      ok thx